The journey also served to inspire others to act by adopting a balanced, responsible lifestyle – including conscious travel. Marek wanted to create a new standard of travelling that is more friendly to the environment, paying attention to the need to educate and promote ecological, sustainable values. This idea was combined with an innovative approach – Leave Trail – behind which lies the idea of leaving something behind in the minds of people, rather than leaving behind environmental waste.

The expedition’s motto was: “caring for a better world requires courage” –courage to change your habits, courage in reaching for new technologies, courage in leaving your comfort zone, courage in doing things that are not yet widespread, such as caring for our environment or immediate surroundings.



Total distance travelled: 30,000 km

Time: 144 days. 24.05.2018 Zakopane – 15.10.2018 Warsaw.

Route: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Mongolia, China, South Korea, Japan – Russia, Lithuania, Poland.

Average speed on route: 50 km/h

Max range on one charge: 302km

Max distance in one day: 780km

Temperatures: max 38 ℃ Japan // min -3 ℃ Siberia

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