Power4change is a project addressing three key challenges, as defined by Marek Kamiński, that humanity has to face in the 21st century:

  • Singularity (new technologies)
  • Sustainability
  • Social empowerment

 Only a few months ago, the core idea of the project was combatting climate change. Today, for obvious reasons, its focus has changed significantly – the coronavirus pandemic took just a few weeks to change the state of the world. It’s a new and strange situation for all of us, which is why the main goal of this project will be social empowerment, expanded into self-empowerment. We want everyone to find the power within themselves to face the ongoing crisis and use it as an opportunity to build a better world. Social empowerment and self-empowerment lie at the foundations of our original mission.

The experience gained by Marek during his expeditions to the North and South Pole is a tangible set of wisdom and skills that can support others to cope with the consequences of the threat of global pandemic: isolation, uncertainty, fear and lack of motivation. Marek would like to share this knowledge with the whole world – and with you.

The online journey will follow the path of the original expedition, with Marek visiting 20 countries over four months. Each week, there will be lectures for the local communities and meetings with people in different countries, allowing you to explore a post-pandemic world.  Above all, we will continue to carry out the Power4change social campaign with its weekly challenges, allowing everyone to find the inner strength to survive the crisis and constructively look forward towards the future.

Join us! We are open to ideas for online webinars and meetings.

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