• Training Formula

    Each participant will be looked after by a certified Pole Method trainer.

    The Program consists of approximately 150 hours of group workshops + 25 hours of one on one classes with the trainer + 25 hours of individual work. The hours are indicative and may change depending on the needs of the group.

    The Program includes various creative exercises in the areas of self-development, mindfulness as well as practical goal setting. It also puts an emphasis on healthy eating and the importance of physical activity, which can be adapted to the group needs, dynamic and interests and may include both indoor and outdoor activities, relaxation techniques, martial arts and other fun team games. 

    The Program also includes elements of an ecological lifestyle, raises environmental and community awareness and subsequently helps to shape a better future for humankind.  

  • Training Modules

    As part of the Program, the participants will complete the following modules, in line with the Pole Method:

    1. Foundation: Introduction/Camp Moon
    2. Step 1: Discover your Pole/Camp North Pole
    3. Step 2: Create your Roadmap/Camp Antarctica
    4. Step 3: The journey is more important than the destination/Camp Camino
    5. Step 4: The two ‘poles’: Success and Failure/Camp Everest
    6. Initiating Expedition/South Pole Expedition
    7. Step 5: Get to know Yourself/Camp Asia
    8. GALAktyka – End of training gala
  • Invitation to Collaborate

    We invite organisations and individuals that empower youth to engage in the LifePlanAcademy Program. It can be run with just a handful of keen students as well as with bigger groups as part of extracurricular activities at school, in community organisations, welfare centres, foster homes – wherever there are teenagers keen to expand their lives. And we are here to help with that!

    Our Partner offer includes:

    • a free, fun, hands-on and effective self-development LifePlanAcademy Program for youth
    • know-how as well as knowledge transfer in a form of coach training (on-line). Upon obtaining their certification, the coaches will then run the Program with teenagers either on-line or off-line.
    • further coach training and certification at various levels
    • the opportunity to actively help those less fortunate, who  might lack support in their communities by introducing them to the Pole Method and the invaluable knowledge and tools it offers. 


Partners and Sponsors

Strategic Patronage
Media Patronage
Honorary Patronage

Participant Feedback

Thanks to LifePlanAcademy, I believe more in my own abilities and that I can achieve more as a result.

- Dominika, 17

LifePlan showed me that the sky is the limit!

- Łukasz, 14

I let myself dream more because I know dreams come true when we apply ourselves and work on them.

- Iga, 16

LifePlanAcademy is a really well-organised Program. I like the keen involvement of the trainers and the way they communicate the steps of the Pole Method to the participants. A nice atmosphere helps to focus on the classes, and the group workshops showed us that not everything has to be done alone in life. Also, it’s great to observe and work out the group dynamic and practice team work!

- Sylwia, 17

My ‘pole’ is my brother's adoption. I would like to create a normal home and a happy family for him. (...) Thanks to the steps I have learnt so far, I can take a closer look at my dream and work out what’s needed to achieve it.

- Dominika, 16

It is a very interesting Program and it helps in a few easy steps identify and then make you work towards your dreams. I met interesting people and experienced another adventure in my life.

- Pola, 14
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