• Wanting to share the wisdom and experience I gained during my travels, I founded the Marek Kamiński Foundation in 1996. Its main mission is to aid people in need and with disabilities, and to run educational programs. Through the Foundation I got to know Jan Mela from Malbork, a then-teenager, who wanted to reach the word’s end. We organised a journey to reach that goal together – it was an immense challenge and responsibility but also a great success. Jan became the first person with a disability to reach both the North and the South Pole.

  • My daily work revolves around working for the Foundation, delivering lectures, writing books and going on adventures around the world. I am a member of several professional organisations, including the Polish Council of AA Business, Polish Literature Society, Polar Exploration Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences (honorary member) and Sopot Sailing Club.

  • I am married with two children – Pola and Kay. I begin every day with some green tea and a walk on the beach. I also try to find some time for sports. I love reading books – reading gives me inner peace and recharges my batteries.

  • What’s next?

    I have a few ideas and challenges: continuing to travel with my family (after two expeditions with my daughter Pola), learning new languages, more adventures…maybe even a trip to space…who knows!