• Power4Change

    Power4change is a project addressing three key challenges, as defined by Marek Kamiński, that humanity has to face in the 21st century:

    Singularity (new technologies)


    Social empowerment

    In May 2020, Marek Kamiński will set out on an online journey around the world. The originally planned expedition will be delayed until the time is right.

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  • LifePlanAcademy Program

    It is a motivational and self-development Program based on The Pole Method created by Marek Kamiński.


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  • Walk4Life

    We walk through life, but do we fulfil our dreams? Our mobile app provides the tools and knowledge to make it easier to achieve one’s goals and dreams.


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About me

Caring for a better world requires courage

I am adventurer with over 35 years of experience.
I embarked on my first independent journey at the age of eight – from my home city of Gdansk to Lodz. I have always enjoyed learning about the world and asking a lot of questions like ‘what?’, ‘how?’ and ‘why?’

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Support the foundation's activities

Change the world with Marek

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Marek Kamiński Foundation. Since 1996 we have run various charity, ecological and educational projects as well as have actively engaged in fundraising to cover costs of specialist and mobility equipment and rehabilitation of disabled children.
We have substantial experience in delivering quality expedition support for both participants and their leaders and we have been committed to helping vulnerable youth unleash their potential and creativity through our LifeplanAcademy Program.
Our mission is to shape a better future for humankind, propagate living in harmony with nature as well as the community, the environment and the world.

Believe in yourself, take inspired action and let the impossible become possible!

The Pole Method

The art of achieving goals by Marek Kamiński

Marek Kamiński zebrał swoje przemyślenia i doświadczenia z wypraw i ułożył je w motywacyjną metodę Biegun. Metoda ta wspiera w rozwoju, zapobiegając utracie motywacji.

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