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The Camps

The Camps
“The Pole” method – the Art of Reaching the Goals by Marek Kamiński

The Camps of the Poles Explorers, as a whole, is meant to build in the camp participants self-confidence, the skills of planning, achieving goals and cooperating with others. It is expected to create the basis, give knowledge and the sense of the group’s support. All this is accomplished according to the unique “Pole” method created by Marek Kamiński based on his thoughts, experiences and work with other people. Thus, the camp is at the same time a holiday camp – a leisure time filled with rest and attractions, but, at the same time, it is each member’s small quest to their own pole, a journey supported step by step by the method itself, the camp counsellors and the group. This manual includes a set of supportive exercises and tasks – for individual and team work, which are meant to introduce into the next step of the Method, and building at the same time the children’s attitudes and internal personal resources which are the self-confidence, controlling the fear, creative using of the imagination and communication and the cooperation with others.

During the camp the participants talk individually to the instructors which completes the process of transformation, whereas the conversations are based on mutual trust. The individual exercises whose results are recorded in the Conqueror’s Diary held by each of the participants, teach self-reflection and planning skills. Keeping the diary lets observe the process of change taking place in the children, the emotions which appear and it gives the prospective ability of insight. The camp also includes some elements of survival and first aid as well as of physical workout adjusted to the participants themselves and their capabilities. The films from Mr. Marek Kamiński’s expeditions, including the expedition with Jaś Mela and other feature films boosting positive attitudes, are shown.

The attitude of the Conqueror is a set of features which we intend to plant in the camp members’ characters. A conqueror is brave, helpful, sensitive to the needs of other people, he/she is assertive, persistent, sincere and he/she listens to the voice of his/her heart.