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3rd Pole

3rd Pole
Over 4000 kilometers, about 100 days, the same number of meetings and questions about the most significant values in life. On 16th March 2015 Marek Kamiński started his journey on foot from Kaliningrad to Santiago de Compostela – he follows St. James’ route known as Camino, in order to inspire and trigger reflections. What is most important, you can become the co-creator of his journey.

The Poles. Everything had started from the fact that he, as the first and the only man in the world, reached both poles of the Earth within one year and, next, he repeated this accomplishment as a guide with a disabled boy, Jaś Mela. Since that time he has been reaching new “poles” and helping other people to reach their own goals. Based on these experiences he has created a 10 step motivation method called the Pole. He writes books, takes part in meetings and lectures in Poland and abroad. He emphasizes each time that the most important journey is the travel to the inside of yourself – discovering your own potential and strength, overcoming your limitations and enjoying the fact of travelling.

The Poles – the faith and the reason. Marek Kamiński’s latest project – 3rd Pole – will have first of all a spiritual dimension. It is not coincidental that he chose Kaliningrad as the starting point of this journey and Santiago de Compostela, the final part of the most famous pilgrimage route in Europe - the Way of St. James, as the finish. “It is a shackle combining two following poles to be conquered and discovered”, Marek Kamiński says. “Kaliningrad is a place associated with Immanuel Kant, it is the symbolic “pole of reason” whereas Santiago de Compostela is “the pole of faith”.

Kamiński sets out for a journey along the route of values. During his quest he will meet different people and talk about what is most important in today’s Europe affected by a spiritual crisis.

He will be asking the people he will meet on his way about the significance of such terms like truth, goodness, sincerity, honesty, spirituality, love, respect or mindfulness. Whom these questions will be asked will be often a matter of coincidence, the traveler will accept at the same time any proposals of meetings and invitations – you can become a co-creator of this expedition.